Weekend Open Thread: Wet Floury Goodness Edition

Here we go again sports fans, it’s Friday night and it is Weekend Open Thread time. Sit back, pour yourself a dram of something nice, and prepare to indulge in your weekly dose of memey-goodness.

In the words of the late Dave Brant…

It was press week this week, so I apologize that the newsfeed was a bit schizophrenic. I hope your week was less hectic and more enjoyable.

The pumpkin spice memes are still going strong, which will be the case until the halloween memes take over.

Just say no.

Of course, you will miss the pumpkin spice memes when they are gone…

In other news, the media keeps trying to make the WuFlu a thing again…

But the Babylon Bee knows the score…

Some people don’t get it.

I am having flashbacks to when the Open Thread was all covid, all the time. When the knife shows shut down, we kept the ball rolling by adding more memes and giveaways, and kept our little community going throughout.

But the Knife Shows have been back for a while, and this weekend there are two of them…

Central States Hammer-In and Knife Show

Louisiana Knife Show

And two more next weekend…

NCCA Marlborough Show

Mason Dixon Knife Club 2-Day Knife Show

Plus Hocky mentioned some Moran function this weekend. I look forward to his sharing his experience.

Mitch McConnel memes continue to cross my timeline…

As always we wish him the best. But making light of the political class is our birthright as a free people.

It wasn’t a health issue at all. He just didn’t want to tell her about his latest purchase.

Wow.  That is a frightening likeness.

Because everything up until now has been working out so well.

I agree completely.

It is time for the weekly drawing, brought to you by the folks at CRKT. They sent us a box of older models to give away, and they sent me their new knife, so new that it is embargoed to the 12th.  I’m not allowed to say anything much about it. I wrote it up in the upcoming Knife News column, but that won’t make it in front of folks until a couple of weeks after it becomes public. I can’t wait to share it, so stay tuned. For now, I am going to simply say that Hocky is going to approve. But I didn’t tell you that.

Here are the CRKT’s that we have to give away. Starting with the green Folts Minimalist, and working clockwise…Booth Multitool, Montosa (Richard Rogers), Ken Onion Shennanigan and Hootenany, Thero (TJ Schwarz), and finally, the Kit Carson M16 – one of CRKT’s most iconic knives.

First pick of the lot goes to Bryan Girod. I give double credit to first-time commenters, and he’s our luck winner.

A quick note of disclosure. We had 3 new commenters on last week’s thread. I know all three, and I regularly text them the thread when I finish each week. Last week I encouraged them to stop lurking and leave a comment.

For reference, I have been friends with Bryan for more than 20 years when we worked on scout camp staff together. You might see him leave a comment about bees, poison ivy, a diesel chainsaw, Ranger-ball, osage orange, or being “buckle-f@cked” when you have to sit in the middle of the S10 bench seat. Good times.

Robinson and I were best friends at Kenyon, and we have some inside-jokes of our own, though many of these are probably inappropriate in this forum.

Which brings me to Rick Kozlowski. I have never actually met Rick. He is in the same category as many of you – my internet friends. I got to know him through multiple facebook knife groups, and he is up there with Hocky in his ability to smell out a bargain or a knife with unique history. It was suggested by more than one of you, and I concur, that he be given an automatic win for his amazing comment/story, which made us all laugh.

If you missed it, you can read the comment at this link.

So Girod (pronounced “Jy-Rod”) gets the first pick of the lot, since he was the straight up winner, and Rick gets pick number two as an honorary winner.

The remaining knives will be up for grabs next week. The winner gets their choice of the ones remaining.  Usual rules apply – up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and if you are new to the blog or didn’t save your cookie, they will be held back in moderation until I can approve them. Good luck y’all.

That day is not today. Three more somewhat timely meme before we get on with the randoms…

If only. It hasn’t been the same without him.

Sounds like a great time…

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh. The Germans have a word for that, it is called Schadenfreude.

OK, on to the non-themed-memes…

That actually reminds me of working with Girod. He was the first person to tell me an OSHA joke.

Not a meme. Just a wonderful baseball moment.


She’s the one with the booty.

Or listened to my last joke.

I guess that means I should drop in tonight’s musical number.How can it be anything but the (sadly) late, great Jimmy Buffett.

Far and away my favorite Buffett song. Reminds me of drinking beers with Robinson in the Wilson Apts behind the firehouse. “20 degrees and the hockey game’s on…”. I love the beach, but snow and hockey are what I grew up with. I actually saw Buffett once, at the same concert at Blossom Music Center  with my future wife, though we would not meet for several more years. It rained buckets, and people turned the amphitheater grass into a giant slip and slide.

Yeah, but Michael Collins took the first picture of Earth with every human to ever have lived in it, except for him.

What is your Birth Siege Engine?

The tower. Kinda boring compared to a trebuchet.


Grammar Nazis are the wurst.

That is messing with me. He isn’t wrong.


Well played.

He isn’t wrong either.


I am glad that I grew up before social media.



But where did Ze/Zir go?

Apparently to get pizza.

Love that one.



That sign would be a helpful reminder.

Get off my lawn.

Get off my lawn, again.

A salad fit for Del.

More than…

better than…

How does he do this?


That is up there with the upside down peas.

Maybe if she were gagged with this…

Vlad was just misunderstood…

Winding up…


Couldn’t let you go without sharing that groaner. But you made it through a second week without a rickroll. So you have that going for you.


A musical encore to wind things up for the evening. This and “He went to Paris” round out my top 3.

Sail on Jimmy. Fins Up!

Have a good one everybody.