Weekend Open Thread – What’s Next? Murder Hornets and a CRKT Montosa giveaway

Happy Friday Folks! Just when you thought going outside was a good idea…

I am not particularly worried about “Murder Hornets”. But the beekeepers don’t need another problem to deal with. And the media needed something else to fearmonger over.

As you can see, the Weekend Open Thread has been moved above the fold. I enjoy sharing the memes, and as I write a bit about the weekly prize knife, these begin to get a bot long for the thread.

This week was press week for the June issue, so the memes were actually a nice distraction from finishing Knife News and other print tasks. Things continue to open up in Knoxville. I actually got my hair cut this week. I needed one before the lockdowns began. I really needed one by Thursday. A stylist friend of mine posted this to her bookface feed:

Pretty much sums up how I feel about the situation. I am doing the mask thing indoors in public, not because I am afraid of Karens, but because I think it is the respectful thing to do for the employees of establishments I am patronizing. I believe it is largely theater, but whatever. Like the knifemakers who are reading this, I have worn a full respirator in 95+ degree heat for 8+ hours a day while building fiberglass boats in Idaho. A cloth mask in Kroger for 20 minutes doesn’t bother me.

In other news, we are giving away a CRKT Montosa this weekend. Thanks CRKT!.

For those who want to see a little more about the knife, Smoky has a great short overview:

As for my impressions…It is a nice knife for the $50 street price. Fit and finish are solid, it carries comfortably (I have had it in my pocket all evening), and the blade is large enough to provide inertia for an unassisted lockup. Ergonomics aren’t amazing, but shouldn’t cause hotspots with standard EDC use. If you like the purple accents, blade shape, and G10 scales, you will like the Montosa.

Last week’s winner of the CRKT Piet is David M. He can still comment, but he has to sit out this week’s contest. The rest of you have at it. 5 comments or replies count as entries.

How is everyone doing? Are things opening up where you are? The Smoky Mountains are reopening this weekend, and I imagine the SMKW will probably be busy since a lot of attractions are not yet open. Mark and I are headed there Wednesday to meet with some folks and gather material for an upcoming article on reopening the knife industry in the age of WuFlu. It will be the 3rd in my series in the print magazine. For those who missed part 2:

Knife Industry adapts to Wuhan Coronavirus impact.

Your comments don’t have to be lockdown or covid related. Tell us about your grail knife. What is a good knife of Mother’s Day? It is the Open Thread. So thread away.

I will leave you with this…

Be well everyone. It can’t get worse can it? 🙂