Weekend Open Thread: Who’s Scooby Gonna Call Edition

Howdy folks and happy Friday once again. Crazy Press Week. Mark had the WuFlu and had to quarantine upstairs while the rest of us worked in the basement office. But we got the September issue done, and are now on to October. Nothing changes but the weather.

That is about as risque as we can get here on these pages. But since I am pushing boundaries, these memes related to the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago are too good to not share.

“You look marvelous fellow citizen”

Coulda told them that.

And no one is going to leave us over an anti IRS meme. But we will move on to the less controversial after we check in on our Event Calendar.

Idaho Traditional and Tactical Knife Show

More coming soon. The shows pick up as the summer winds down.

So on with the memes…

Tis the season…

I think you are legally required to take the picture though.

If it is back to school, it is Scholatic Book season.

It was the California Highway Patrol confiscated Lambo poster.

IF that doesn’t work, try some WD40.

That is the story of my garden this summer. It has struggled. The tomatoes are getting bug eaten or spotting before they ripen, the beans are anemic, but the zucchini are doing just fine.

I think that is an oversimplification.

Bad Dad joke, but I won’t Rickroll you this week.

No more. I promise.

Moving on, it is time to draw the first token holder for our Work Sharp giveaway…

Cmeat is our lucky drawee. He has his first of 2 tokens required to win the Work Sharp Mk2. Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I approve them. From then on you can post at will.

This meme is still going strong.

Those are my two favorites.

Instead we do things like eat Triscuts.


Speaking of Germans…

He probably prefers bratwurst.

Leftover steak?

Just don’t leave it so long you need to throw away the Tupperware too.


RIP. Someone probably complained about cultural appropriation.

Can’t argue with that.

Moral Ambiguity Gray is my favorite color.

Taxation is theft.

My wife and I refer to that as a “Dodge Kidnapper”

And my latte-warmer is on the fritz.

The P8 is a pretty awesome bird…

Beats Boaty McBoatface.

Speaking of the Brits…

Is that the British equivalent of ‘Murica?

No such thing as Neutral Good in Chicago.

I use the “Extra” ones, and so far my wife has not left me.

And she hasn’t killed our son for pulling this about once a semester.

I could see my son pulling this…

I don’t know if you have seen that cheesy inspirational poster about not feeding the wolf inside you…

I want one of these…

As they say, archery is just long-distance stabbing.

Don’t miss though…

I think I have forgotten the point I was trying to make.

Have a good one all.