Weekend Open Thread…yeah…I’ve got nothin’ (except a CRKT Burnley Tuna to give away).

Hey everyone. There was enough absurdity in the pandemic lockdowns that I felt fine making light of the situation. I am finding it a bit harder to be lighthearted watching cities across this great land burn. Unlike Ferguson, which went from “hands up, don’t shoot” to Eric Holder’s handpicked investigator ruling it a clean shoot, the killing of George Floyd seems pretty cut and dry. It united left and right, as we could all watch the video in horror as the life was literally squeezed from his body. Anger is justified. But the scenes of Police stations abandoned and set ablaze are going to divide the country back into tribal fury. It could easily spiral into tribal violence. As I am writing this the Secret Service is being pelted with firecrackers outside the White House. This terrifies me exponentially more than the WuFlu ever did. I am going to pass on much of the humor tonight.

My meme at the top was obviously a joke, but as if this year couldn’t get any more insane:

That really happened in India. I’d like to cancel my trial subscription to 2020 please.

On the brighter side, we have a Lucas Burnley designed CRKT Tuna. Its a pretty sweet knife, and we are grateful to CRKT for providing us with our giveaway knives these past 6 weeks. We saved the best for last.

Here is what SMKW had to say:

My personal impression is that this is a heck of a knife for the $45 retail price. The framelock is robust, and the G10 opposing scale combination is something typically found at much higher price points.

It has a crisp action and lockup, and feels really nice in my mid-sized paw.

One lucky commentor is going to win. You can enter up to 5 comments or replies below. It is an open thread, talk about anything that suits your fancy. Steve T. is the winner of the CRKT Chehalem, so he isn’t eligible this week. But he is free to join the discussion as well.

So that is all I have this evening. Have a good weekend everyone. Be safe.


In the interest of clearing room on the homepage, I have temporarily backdated last week’s post. You can see it and the comments here…

Weekend Open Thread: Moving Goalposts and a CRKT Chehalem Giveaway