Weekend Open Thread: Your Sarcasm is Showing edition

Howdy folks. Unlike the Bottlecap Balloon Brigade’s Science Project, you have survived another week, and the Weekend Open Thread is upon us.

I don’t think I have shared the lead meme. It predates the WOT. Apologies if it is a reprise. It’s long been one of my favorites.

Balloon memes continue to go strong, though I expect them to taper off rather quickly.

The greatest air supremacy fighter in history, and its only kills are balloons.

People are beginning to ask questions…

That was a particularly good Seinfeld episode. (the image, not the quote). Can anyone name it?

“A funny looking dog with a big black nose”

Not enough Tannerite.

She certainly did.

Turning now to our Events Calendar, it looks like there isn’t much

California Knife Expo

Oklahoma Custom Knife Show

Keystone Blade Association Knife Show

New York Custom Knife Show

There was much more than balloon memes though, after all the Super Bowl took place since last we WOT’ed together.

Who wore it better?


Apparently the stage reminded some of an arena in Super Smash Bros.

I am not familiar with the game myself, but I’d like to watch Al Bundy score 4 touchdowns on Uncle Rico…

Lebron James recently broke the NBA all-time scoring record, but he will never be the GOAT.

The GOAT turned 60 this week.

My white-boy who grew up in the 80s bias, but I always preferred Bird.

The guy Lebron passed is still ahead of him on the GOAT list too…

Ouch. My brain hurts.

Finally, 2 more current event memes…


We try to keep the WOT largely apolitical, but the shamefully slow Federal response to the East Palestine train wreck should have heads rolling, but none will.

As one born and raised in Ohio, I am fairly livid myself.

Enough of that. On to happier things like our weekly giveaway. First, Hocky was right, I did send him the Kibuga. It is an Arch that I have here, that is meant for Stuart B. All straightened out.

The drawing for the B’YondEDC GEO, designed by Nick Piatt comes next. And the winner is…Mark R.

This week’s drawing is actually for another Arch, this time with the Black G10 instead of Stuart’s brown.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies in the comment section below are your entries. If it is your first time commenting, your comments will be held in the moderation queue until I approve it. Then you will be free to post at will.  As a bonus to encourage participation, if you are new, your comments count double in the drawing. We love our regulars, but we want to encourage new participation as well.

Now with that last bit of formal business out of the way, it is time for the remainder of this week’s memes. No themes, just the rest of what I found this week.


You better listen to him. He’ll shank you.

The Gecko that is, not Jesus. Publishing is cutthroat, but only in the figurative sense.

Should that have gone under “current events”?

Definitely current events.

Usually that meme is with a doctorate of social sciences. Somehow this is funnier.

What say you? Free gravel for life seems tempting.

Pills yes,  but trying to trim my GSP’s nails is like trying to shave a bobcat in a phone booth.

Velocipointer. Made for me by a former KNIFE Graphic Artist. It is a better representation of Trixie than any photo I could shoot.

About right.


Are any of you DnD geeks?

Sucks to be a noob.

Gotta make it Official.

I’m down.

Actually, it can get worse.

Much worse.


Maybe you needed that tin-foil hat.

Mmm…Thin mints.


I really don’t know if that should have been current events, what year is it?

Wise words. Han always comes through at the critical moment.

Also wise words.

Be Ungovernable.

Sharing is always better. Have a good one everybody.