Morning all…

I opened up my laptop this morning and noticed that I had left a tab open the other night. I had needed to confirm whether or not “patinaed” was actually a word, since it was being flagged as I typed it.

The wordsmith in me is amused by the fact that I would never use “patina” as a verb. I have “forced a patina” on a knife blade, using vinegar, mayonnaise, mustard, and tomato sauce, but in that example the verb is “forced”  and patina is the noun.

In the case of my use of the word, I was describing a knife as “well-patinaed”, and actually using it as an adjective.

Nothing profound to say, it just struck me as funny, because it is so illustrative of the bubble I live and work in. I don’t know what percentage of people have used the word “patina” in the past year, let alone needed to see if it had a past tense.

Words are fun.

Have a good one everybody.


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