Knives 2002 edited by Joe Kertzman


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Edged Weapons of the American Revolution Crews, Edward R.
Neck Knives Hang Loose Ewing, Dexter
The 10 Strangest Collectible Knives White, Richard
How to Make That Dull Knife Blade Cut Goddard, Wayne
The Single-Bevel Edge: Not Just for Chisels Anymore Halvorsen, Rod
Know Your Knife Rights Nappen, Evan F.
A Sharp Fokos Makes the Trip a Little Smoother Szilaski, Joseph
Move Over Gladiator: Bring On William Marshall, Lord of the Sword Bean, Greg
Let the Bowie Ride Just Below the Belly Lombardo, Anthony
Uncover the Secrets Hidden Beyond the Blade Fowler, Ed


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