5 from the Grinder: Ron Cranker (Ron’s Custom Knives)

Greetings everyone. We are back from Blade Show, and back with another exciting installment of 5 from the Grinder. We have a few left in the queue from before we get to all of the folks we met at the show, so if you recently submitted your entry, it might be a month or two before we get to it. Thank you for your patience.

Today we bring you Ron Cranker, an ABS Journeyman Smith who has already been quite patient. He was clean-shaven at the time of his submission. So I won’t keep you waiting  any longer.

Please introduce yourself and let us know what led you to making/designing knives

Hello my name is Ron Cranker, I’m a full-time Journeyman Bladesmith. I started making knives full time in 2016. I wanted to make a knife to process my meat rabbits and failed miserably, BUT the bladesmithing bug bit me and there was no going back. I joined the ABS immediately and earned my Journeyman rating at Blade Show Atlanta in 2021




What knifemaker(s) or designer(s) have had the biggest influence on you? Do you have any mentors?

My biggest influence would be MS Scott McGhee of Guinea Hog forge. He was the instructor I really connected with during my Intro to Bladesmithing class. He also oversaw my JS performance test and I’ve had additional instruction as well. He’s an Amazing Bladesmith and excellent instructor.


What is your favorite knife pattern or style from history?

I’m really drawn to European style chef knives .

What is the next big thing in knifemaking? / What direction do you see the industry going?

I think there will always be room for Chef knives but everything else is really cyclical. I think we will continue to see huge gains when it comes to embellishments


Is there a knife from your lineup that you feel best exhibits who you are as a knifemaker/designer in terms of design elements, aesthetic or techniques used?

Not really

What is your EDC and why?

My EDC is a saddle horn slip joint that I made with brass bolsters and jigged bone scales. It’s classy, I made it and it’s very sharp

The best place to check out more of Ron’s work is on his social media accounts:


Ronald Cranker

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