AllOutdoor: Danco Announces New ECO-1 Series Knives

As anglers, we are the stewards of the oceans and waterways that we get so much joy, and food from. So we should do our part to protect the waters not just today but in the future as well. Well, Danco Pliers has brought out a new series of knives at ICAST this year to just that, the ECO-1 Series. These knives are made in collaboration with Oceanworks, using their recycled ocean-bound plastics for the handles and sheaths of the Eco knives. So instead of using new production plastics Danco Pliers help divert some plastic away from the oceans and landfills, doing a small part in protecting the environment.

Looks like a nice and ergonomic knife. Good use of recycled materials – waterproof and durable.