Ammomland: 5.11 Base 3DP Everyday Carry Knife

When I was younger, I used to rodeo a lot. It must have been when I was in High School or maybe the first year of college that an older cowboy, Doug Cook, told me that I needed to get out of the rinky dink associations and join the International Rodeo Assn (IRA).
5.11 Base 3DP Everyday Carry Knife

To get a card, it cost $45.00, which I didn’t have at the time back in 1972 or 73. I worked on the Hudgins ranch and only made $60.00 per week. So, Doug let me clean his horse stalls and then bought me an IRA card. That bumped me up another level and got me ready to get into the RCA (Rodeo Cowboy Assn. Now called the PRCA or Professional Rodeo Cowboy Assn.).

I am not expecting much from a knife with a $22 MSRP. As much as I like 5.11 packs and other gear, I don’t think that it is capable of meeting the standard that those items set.

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