Anti-Garotte Knives

Anti-Garotte Knives by Mark D. Zalesky

Anti-Garotte Knives
by Mark D. Zalesky

Imagine yourself walking alone, hurrying down the abandoned streets of a large city late at night. Perhaps you’re headed home after a night of revelry, or are leaving your business with the proceeds from the company’s cash box under your coat. A chill runs down your spine as you imagine every alley and corner could conceal an assailant, and you realize there’s no one around to hear a cry for help. Your muscles tense and your pace quickens, as you scan your path for potential trouble.
You’ve likely felt that foreboding sense of dread at some point in your life, a feeling that you’re about to be the target of some unseen assailant. The risk can be very real, and the fear is as vivid today as it has been for centuries.

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