BREAKING: Blue Ridge Knives completes purchase of OKC; attempting to to restart NY production

From Blue Ridge Knives:

Today, August 1, 2023, Blue Ridge Knives, Inc completed their asset purchase of Ontario Knife Company (OKC) from their parent company, Servotronics, Inc.

Servotronics, Inc reached out to Blue Ridge Knives, Inc (BRK) earlier this year to gauge interest in purchasing OKC. The two companies entered into an agreement in July, with BRK agreeing to purchase all assets.

Blue Ridge Knives, Inc is a wholesale distributor and will continue to operate as such. BRK is working with OKC’s previous management to sell them the manufacturing equipment so they may continue producing Ontario Knives in Franklinville, NY.

Not a long statement, but certainly a loaded one. Local news had been reporting that it was all over but the liquidation.

Ontario Knife Co. SOLD, 56 employees to lose jobs

That was from the Olean Times Herald.

While the complete picture is still unclear, what is becoming abundantly clear is that BRK intends to keep the OKC name alive, and if possible in Franklinville, NY. Stay tuned to these pages for more information as it becomes available.


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