Daily Mail: Britney Spears sparks concern among fans as she performs a dangerous dance with KNIVES

Britney Spears sparked concern among her fans on Monday night as she performed a dangerous dance with huge kitchen knives.

The pop icon, 41 — who recently danced in a pink bikini — employed two knives as props in the silent clip as she shared a new video with her 42.1 million Instagram followers.

The hitmaker was scantily clad in swimsuit bottoms and a crop top as she appeared in the foyer of her California home while whizzing the two kitchen utensils in a dizzying piece of improvised choreography.

Her descent into whatever one wants do describe her as now has been truly sad. The list of people who have failed her spectacularly is long and ignominious.  I am just amused by the tone of the article. The Daily Mail’s pearl clutching is expected, but pathetic nonetheless.

FWIW: Ashley Olsen taking a walk with a whisky and machete is better.



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