First Impressions of the WE Knife Banter

I started putting this together as a newsfeed post, before deciding that there was enough here to go above the fold. I am trying to have some non-paywalled posts from time to time, and this is frankly too long for a newsfeed item.  As regular readers know, Ben Petersen sent me a box just like the one that Tim opens here:

I am going to be doing a full print review of mine in the August issue, but my impressions are in line with what is being said by the YouTube folks.

Certainly, part of the buzz about this knife comes from the fact that Ben spent a decade building relationships with people all throughout the industry, and reached out to us all at once. I first got to know him when he was the CRKT rep, and to this day he remains the gold standard for responsiveness and engagement. He invited me to an event called CRKT Chopfest at the 2014 Blade Show (my first), and it was there I met Tim from EverydayTacticalVids, and Jeff aka Cutlerylover. You can read more about Chopfest by clicking on the photo below:

What is funny is that Jeff starts out his video talking about Chopfest:

As for my first impressions, the knife is razor sharp, has held a good edge through lots of cardboard, slices steak well, and is comfortable in the hand.

Stay tuned, I will post my full review after the August issue comes out.