Irresponsible Edged Tool Use: Fisherman Harpooned by Friend for Claiming He Caught the Bigger Fish

If you’ve been fishing long enough, odds are you’re well-familiar with the inevitable banter between buddies over who has caught the bigger fish. The trout or catfish undoubtedly get bigger and bigger with each retelling, but the conversation stays good-natured (if, perhaps, not entirely truthful).

One such argument went belly up in a big way recently in Thailand, as an argument between two anglers ended with one getting a harpoon to the head. It may just be the most bizarre fishing injury we ever heard of.

Sujit Klingtalay was fishing and drinking beers in the Nakhon Ratchasima province of Thailand. “I was fishing with my friend, and we joked about the fish we had caught. I said [that] I had caught bigger fish than him, but he was offended,” Klingtalay told Fox News.

The friend was so offended, in fact, that he decided to spear Klingtalay in the back of the head with his harpoon.

Don’t be that guy. Be the legend that did this…

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