July QSP Giveaway Winners

I was a few days late drawing our winners from out QSP Knives giveaway. They gave Mark a Penguin (bottom) and a Hawk (top) for us to pass along to our readers.

Both knives feature QSP’s laminated foil and carbon fiber handles, ceramic bearings, and satin finished blades.

I could not find the equivalent product image/specs for the Penguin we are giving away.

Richard S. of Watsontown, PA is the winner of the Penguin, and I drew Thomas B. of Riverdale, GA for the Hawk. I have reached out to both,and will get those out as soon as I hear back. Both are Print subscribers to KNIFE Magazine, and thus they got an extra entry in the drawing. Online Premium Members get an extra entry as well, so if you are both a print and online subscriber, you can get up to three drawing entries in our monthly giveaways.

A big thank you to QSP Knives for providing these giveaways. You can learn more about QSP by visiting their website: www.qspknife.com or their instagram @qspknivesusa



With the end of one contest comes the start of another. On August 15th we will be giving away a Shinra Maxima Takeri from Mcusta Knives of Japan.

You can enter at this link: https://www.knifemagazine.com/mcustagiveaway/

If you are not yet an Online Premium Member, you can register today for $5 off and get your extra entry at the same time. Just fill out the form and follow the instructions to register.