KnifeNews: Blade Show Texas Rides Out Earlier This Year

SHOT Show is receding into the mists of time, but that’s okay, because we’ve got another show on the horizon this weekend: Blade Show Texas.

Actually, Blade Show Texas is opening its doors almost a month earlier this year; 2023’s show didn’t kick off until St. Patrick’s Day in March. It’s still at the same location as last year in Fort Worth, and still has the small but mighty cross-section of the industry showing up.

Of course, you’ve got many of the production companies you expect: Spyderco will be there, as will CRKT, KA-BAR, even Fox and LionSteel. The We Knife Co. family of brands (We, Civivi, and Sencut) will be there, and are in fact sponsors for the show. Relative production newcomers Ocaso Knives and RoseCraft Blades will be there too. Notably absent is Benchmade, but perhaps the company is keeping its cards close to the chest for later reveals at the original Blade Show in June?

Honestly, I am not a fan of doing it so immediately after SHOT Show.  What is it really accomplishing? Too soon for anything new that wasn’t premiered at SHOT already. I know some folks going, but I know more who are camping with Dan Eastland this weekend. Me? I am coaching lacrosse tomorrow.

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Blade Show Texas Rides Out Earlier This Year