KnifeNews: Cold Steel Mayhem Looks Set to Arrive at Last

Cold Steel’s latest release might be the most Cold Steel knife they’ve rolled out in some time. Check out the aptly-named Mayhem, a folder with gargantuan dimensions and Cold Steel’s latest locking mechanism that was first teased all the way back in January.

Believe it or not, the Mayhem is not the biggest folder Cold Steel has produced, even though it would dwarf other companies’ entire catalogs. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not huge, with a blade measuring a whopping six inches long. With a blade that big, the Mayhem would look intimidating even with the most mild profile; but Cold Steel drew up a aggressive modified cleaver shape here. The tip is raised up and deeply swedged, giving this cleaver a wicked, scimitar-like sweep. There’s a short run of XL jimping up top, on the middle of its concave spine, and you will use a thumb stud to kick open this big boy. Blade steel (on this Launch edition, see below) is S35VN, a last gen but still high performance super steel, stainless and capable of very good edge retention.

I like the Atlas Lock. I am not necessarily in the market to buy a Mayhem, but I have enjoyed carrying the Engage.

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Cold Steel Mayhem Looks Set to Arrive at Last