KnifeNews: Eran Manasherov Serves up Boker Plus Nahal

It’s Boker Plus season right now, a phase of the year during which the hyper-prolific Solingen giant adds another batch of models to its already enormous catalog. Here’s one such fresh face, called the Nahal, latest piece from the also-prolific designer Eran Manasherov.

If we were the gambling sort, we’d wager that drop points are the most common blade shape around, at least when it comes to everyday carry-style folding knives. And that’s no bad thing; in fact it makes perfect sense, given the standard drop point’s balanced geometry, well-suited for the unpredictable, but straightforward, kinds of chores that the average suburbanite should aim to be prepared for in their day-to-day life.

Boker has been on a late-year tear.

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Eran Manasherov Spides up Drop Point on Boker Plus Nahal