KnifeNews: Hoo Knives V3 Wraps up UK-Friendly Trilogy

Back in January we got our first glimpse of the Hoo Knives V3, via some prototype CAD drawings of the design. Now the V3 is finalized and available for preorder now, concluding a trilogy of UK-friendly, non-locking knife designs.

“When I was designing the V3 I took aspects from both my previous designs, the V1 and V2, and made a sort of hybrid lovechild of the two,” explains Carl Pearson, founder of Hoo Knives. He wanted to take the flipper tab from the V1 and add in the thumb stud from the V2, offering users two different ways to deploy the 2.815-inch spear blade. “To me the V3 is the best of all worlds,” Pearson continues. “You can flip it open using the thumb stud, spydie flip it open with the thumb stud, or deploy it as a standard flipper with the tab.”

I hope that Hoo is at Blade Show. I would like to look at their stuff.

Read the whole thing:

Hoo Knives V3 Wraps up UK-Friendly Trilogy