KnifeNews: Kizer KUH is the Debut Effort of New Design Duo

It seems like knife companies are recruiting new talent at a hell of a clip lately. Kizer is the latest to join in, bringing on a new design duo for the KUH, a knife that blends a simple design with a multitude of opening options.

The KUH comes to us from Bryce Markle-Amaral and Roman Worthey, real life buddies who worked together to bring this knife to life. Despite the double heritage, the KUH is anything but overdesigned, with a clean profile built on straight lines and a blade that’s as time-tested as they come. Its shape is a curving drop point that, at 3.16 inches, lands in the pure EDC category. Then you’ve got 154CM blade steel, a mid-level stainless that’s rough and tumble, ready for anything, and won’t throw up any unwanted surprises in the daily carry role; it’s predictable in the best possible way.

It has been a relatively quiet couple of years for Kizer. They were really hindered by not having a full and real presence at SHOT and Blade during the pandemic years. They were back last year, and it seems like their release schedule is picking back up.

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Kizer KUH is the Debut Effort of New Design Duo