KnifeNews: MagnaCut Arrives in the ZT Lineup on an Old Favorite

Zero Tolerance, welcome to the MagnaCut generation: the company just released its first model in MagnaCut, the latest variation of one of their longest running models.

2009: that’s the year that the ZT 0350 first debuted, and if the company has a flagship model in its relatively tight active product lineup, the 0350 is a good candidate for the title. It was a design collaboration between Ken Onion and Mick Strider, which to this day sounds like the knife equivalent of a super band. A smash hit, the 0350 established all the things that, at the beginning, Zero Tolerance was specifically known for: high quality, overbuilt knives with a pronounced tactical flair.

Really, the only change here is the MagnaCut steel; otherwise this is the 0350 that you’ve known and loved for years, right down to the cosmetic choices, which are a olive green G-10 handle and a tiger striped blade.

Go big or go home.  If you are going to pick an iconic knife from the ZT catalog, the 0350 is the one that comes to mind.