KnifeNews: Ostap Hel Works on a Wharnie with Kansept Arcus

Prolific designer Ostap Hel’s latest piece is arriving now, courtesy of Kansept Knives. It’s called the Arcus, a mid-sized everyday carry knife that plays with long lines and narrow dimensions.

Hel is known for his attention to detail. From the very beginning his designs have benefited from rigorous attention to proportion, and a penchant for building out each knife from a central, initial idea. The idea with the Arcus seems to’ve been Slimness, with every element of the design being pared down and reduced in profile. Hel gives us a very narrow wharnie blade here, exhibiting plenty of modern attitude with its elongated point and decorative fuller. At 3.43 inches long, the cutting edge can be used for many things, both big and small; the narrow profile doesn’t affect the performance so much as impart a dressier, more artistic flavor to the entire knife.

Who doesn’t Hel design for?

Ostap Hel Works on a Wharnie with Kansept Arcus