KnifeNews: SVORD Dresses up Famous Peasant Knife in DAMAX steel

We don’t talk about Svord as often as we want to, so we’re happy to be able to discuss a new variant of their flagship Peasant Knife friction folder today. This one, made in the same fashion as its predecessors, is a bit fancier with upgraded scales and a new blade steel called DAMAX in tow.

If you are not familiar with Svord, it is a small but mighty shop based in New Zealand, run by master cutler Bryan Baker. In a world that is increasingly un-analog, Baker continues to make his blades by hand, with offerings at both the pure, high-end, collector-approved level, as well as entry-level user-grade products. The most famous model in the latter camp is the Peasant Knife. A simple friction folder, the Peasant Knife is all about cutting performance, with a honest, hard-workin’ drop point that comes in two different sizes and is made to be a dead simple, absolutely reliable tool.

I have always been intrigued by Svord.  It is a Kiwi company, with a name and a knife that seems like it should be Scandinavian. I like friction folders, and own a carbon-steel Peasant Knife, but I find it a bit clunky. That said, I am comparing it to my CraftLabKnives Nomad…


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SVORD Dresses up Famous Peasant Knife in DAMAX steel