KnifeNews: Veteran Outdoorsmen Establish New Fixed Blade Line at Case

W.R. Case has opened the doors on a new line they’re calling the Pro Series. As the name promises, these fixed blades are designed by a pair of professional outdoorsmen, Laramy Miller and Roland Welker.

Miller is the host of several shows on the Sportsman channel, and so these knives cater to the needs of hunters. First up is the Sasquatch Bowie (which gets its sobriquet from Miller himself’s nickname), a full-sized beast with a 7.63-inch blade. Despite being called a Bowie, this bad boy’s blade shape evokes a kukri with its heavy forward recurve – although it has a straight spine instead of a dogleg bent. Like all four Pro Series knives, it’s made from 1095 carbon steel and looks ready to work, tackling the big picture jobs…

…Roland Welker is best known for winning season 7 of the History Channel’s Alone, a wilderness survival competition series. Like Miller, he relied on years of practical experience to create his own pair of hunting knives for Case, one big, one small. The big one is RW Hunter, an untamed-looking knife with a 6.25-inch drop point blade. The back end of the tang protrudes far enough to accommodate a lanyard hole cut into it; the Hunter weighs 9.5 oz.

I have to go back through my notes from SHOT show.  These seem familiar. At any rate, good luck to Case reaching beyond their core market.

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Veteran Outdoorsmen Establish New Fixed Blade Line at Case