KnifeNews: Vulpex Knives Adds First Bestech Design

Bestech, like many companies this month, is in the midst of a post-Blade Show product release rush. The latest one to hit shelves is the VK-Void, a hyper-futuristic folder from first time collaborator Vulpex Knives.

The VK-Void’s blade is a modified wharncliffe – modified, not so much in terms of the actual shape, as in its angle in relation to the handle. Rather than running out straight from the pivot, the VK-Void’s blade runs upward at a slant; in us, this means the straight, 2.85-inch edge slices like it has belly, as it approaches material at a similar bias. The raised blade also brings the elongated wharnie tip up to make piercing and punctuating easier. The VK-Void’s blade is made from Elmax steel, a Bohler Uddeholm super steel that fits everyday carry like a glove.

I don’t love the “modern” aesthetic, but this one isn’t too bad.

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Vulpex Knives Adds First Design to Bestech Corral This Year