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Mason-Dixon Knife Club

Our club meets the second Sunday of every month in State Line, Pa. from 9am to 12pm that concludes with a short business meeting to discuss upcoming events, both internal and external to keep our members “in the know”. We also have a Facebook page that continues to grow with followers. Our mailing address is Mason-Dixon Knife Club, 11235 Orchard Road, Waynesboro, Pa. 17268.

We continue to have a yearly knife show, along with a few other activities, such as a club brag meet to allow our members the opportunity to bring their collections and/or latest collecting preferences to a designated meeting to keep our members engaged. We also put out a yearly club knife, which since the club formed in 1984, has become an exceptional collection itself with a variety of production knives from the likes of WR Case, Queen and Kabar, to some exquisite custom knives from Herb Derr.