OutdoorHub: Breaking down a Red Snapper

Today we will be breaking down a big American red snapper I had brought up from the Gulf of Mexico. This fish weighs about 16 pounds gutted, so bit bigger than the average you will run into. But big or small the process of breaking the snapper down is about the same. I will start off and say we will be eating this fish with the skin still on the fillets. If you want to cook the red snapper with the skin off or want to do a red snapper on the half-shell recipe, you can just skip over the scaling steps of breaking the red snapper down. Just make sure to clean off the scales from the skinless fillets before serving, getting a scale in the mouth when you take a bite of fish isn’t pleasant.

I have never done it myself, but I was struck by how many detailed photos are strung together in this true step by step explanation. Well done.

Read the whole thing:

Breaking It Down: Filleting an American Red Snapper