Ridgerunner Blades: What the Heck is MagnaCut?

What the heck is Magnacut?

Are you tired of super sharp knives that aren’t tough?

Are you tired of super tough knives that don’t stay sharp?
Well, It sounds like Magnacut is the solution to your problems.
CPM Magnacut steel is the latest supersteel in the knife industry, developed by Dr. Larrin Thomas, the founder of Knife Steel Nerds himself specifically to be the best knife steel on the market, with its super high toughness, incredible corrosion resistance and, insane edge holding capability it may very well be the ultimate knife steel.
Taylor Putman is not a writer. What he is is one of the most highly regarded axe sharpers and restorers in the country. He also makes knives, war clubs, and other tools. I would like to get him to write some Axe content for our website.

You can find him at Taylor Grinds on Instagram.

Taylor was recently brought on as a manager at Ridgerunner Blades, a North Carolina retailer.
You can read the whole thing, or check out their retail store at the link below.