The Tracker Dan collection by Terzuola was among the many lottery prizes at The Gathering. Planet Hollywood

Roger Eckstine’s USN Photo Album

KNIFE Magazine Staff Correspondent Roger Eckstine went to the the Usual Suspects Network Gathering out in Las Vegas the weekend before last, and sent me a bunch of photos to share with you all. Not much rhyme or rhythm, just some people and knives that caught Roger’s eye. Enjoy!

Mike Vellekamp
“Vellekamps table included a new filet knife that was feather light and could not be bent out of shape. At $90 it could serve as a “gateway” knife to begin collecting Mike’s more expensive knives.”


Duane Dwyer showed his Custom Strider style knives.
Here’s a fixed blade by Duane.


Jeremy Wilson’s “Hate Sticks”


Brad Zinker BZ Knives


Roger refers to Ramon Chavez as a “rising star”. I have been following him for years, I would consider him fairly well established at this point.


Ryder Hartley was voted Best New Knifemaker


Colin Maguire’s hand forged knives stood out.

The Vest Pocket Bowie was the secret weapon of Gentlemen way back when. Colin Maguire still makes them.


Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Tricius traveled from Lithuania to show their Blades of Honor Tales of Men Collection. The complete line of TRC Knives are available through stateside dealers DLT Trading, Rosarms, and Fort Henry Knives

I wasn’t able to find a date for the 2024 Gathering yet. But you can find out more at