The KnifeCenter of the Internet Stands with Israel

Statement from Howard Korn:

The Knifecenter does not take political sides. We offer our products to all types of people from every political stripe because politics does not belong in business. But these times are different. This is not politics, this is a clash of good and evil. It’s important in times like these for right thinking people to speak up and take a stand. There is no justification for the horrors that Hamas inflicted on the people of Israel on October 7. It broke the heart of every right thinking person. These are crimes against humanity and war crimes. We are on the side of humanity and against the barbarism and inhumanity that we all witnessed.

The situation in Israel is complex and full of nuances. People tend to reduce it to a simple situation and it is not simple. People can disagree, but anyone that does not denounce the barbarism we all witnessed is not a mature, thinking human being. Everyone needs to take a stand for humanity.

Howard Korn: Owner of the Knifecenter of the Internet

Like most folks I know, I have been horrified by the news out of Israel. I would have likely posted something earlier, but my family was traveling. I am surprised to to see a company take a public stance on a contentious issue that wasn’t following a trendy subject.

They say that the more things change, the more they remain the same. It seems like just yesterday I wrote this editorial for TTAK, when my friend Jon was serving in the IDF, the last time Israel was forced to defend itself from islamofascist terror. Click the image below or click here to see what I had to say then. If anything I was too sympathetic to the Palestinians, as that incursion followed “only” sustained rocket attack. The attack of this past weekend was pure evil.


That post remains unfortunately evergreen. There is no moral equivalency between the deliberate slaughter of innocent Israelis, and the unfortunate collateral damage which will take place when Hamas hides behind women and children.  Their blood is on Hamas as well.