Weekend Open Thread: Beam Me Up Scottie Edition (Updated)

Update: I can’t believe I forgot I saved this:

It was 2 weeks ago, and that brain cell was otherwise occupied. Now on with our original post.


Howdy folks. I know that Shatner never actually said that. The real quote is something like, “Scottie, two to beam up”. That just doesn’t have quite as good of a ring to it. Wil Wheaton is kind of a putz, but the it made me laugh. It would be nice to reboot the simulation for sure.

Not much is going on here. It was Press Day for the October issue on Wednesday. I didn’t have a bylined article, just Knife News and a lot of proof reading. Otherwise, nothing is really changing but the weather.

That was completely random, but at least it was blade themed.

Anyone have any big plans for Labor Day? I will be using the ZT0707 for my steak. We will probably go hiking on Sunday, but tomorrow is about college football and the Derby.

You all mentioned the Spyderco Clipitool, I think I neglected to hold the drawing the weekend I went camping with Dan Eastland and Joe Flowers. Since we don’t have a prize this week otherwise, I am going to pool those entries and the comments from this weekend. Maximum of 5 entries per date.

We have several free “above the fold” articles coming up over the next couple of weeks. We will be posting Del Corsi’s cover article from our September issue on Tuesday.


Del also has a couple of online exclusive articles coming down the pike, and I will have at couple as well. One on the Benchmade Custom Knife Builder adding the Bugout to the system. They have given me code for a free knife, so I will ask you all to help me spec it out.

In the mean time, it is fun to play with, even if you aren’t going to make a purchase. The 360degree rotating 3D rendering is pretty cool.


That is about all I have for tonight. Be well, stay safe, and have a great Labor Day weekend.

Where did the summer go?