Weekend Open Thread: Deflation Nation Edition

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the Weekend Open Thread. Or, I guess you all have been around, but I was AWOL last week. It was Press week, so I was already playing catchup from Wednesday and Thursday, and I had lacrosse referee training until 9:30pm. I returned home to the the news that my younger cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident in Thailand. He was 33. His folks are my daughter’s Godparents, and it came as a heck of a blow to everyone. May his memory be a blessing.

I spent another hour on the phone with a different cousin, breaking the news and catching up with her. So I don’t figure y’all will hold it against me that I never quite got to pulling a WOT last weekend.

But enough of the downbeat news. I am pretty amped up tonight, since I am reffing my first real lacrosse games tomorrow. Girls High School games in Gatlinburg. I coach middle school girls and we had a good week of practice – our first games are on the 25th. So on balance, things are pretty good. I hope the same is true for all of my KNIFE friends.

Things are not so good on the Cold War II: Balloon Boogaloo front. What a Charlie Foxtrot this has been.

Of course, they did try in Missouri…

China denied the whole thing of course…

But we know what it really was…

This would be better…

Apropos of nothing at all, there isn’t a good Chinese takeout place in Knoxville. Maybe the next balloon can deliver some.

At least they were able to locate the debris…


We can’t let the Chinese gain a technological edge on us…

Turning now to the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar…

Spring California Custom Knife Show

That is the only show this weekend. Nothing next week that we are aware of, then a whole slew of shows the weekend of the 25th. (ignore the dates in the previews, these 4 are on Feb 25th, 2023)

California Knife Expo

Oklahoma Custom Knife Show

Keystone Blade Association Knife Show

New York Custom Knife Show

Meanwhile, it is not just China that is in on the balloon espionage game.

Now I would believe the Irish could wander off track accidentally.

Not sure if the German’s will have the same issues.

Of course, the US has ways of retaliating.

Even more lethal…




Even Del is getting in on the action.

Drawing time folks…It has been 2 weeks, but the winner of the SHOT Show Swag Bag o’ Sawg is Steve T. I will get that out to you soon. Congrats.


This week’s prize is a B’YondEDC Geo folder. It is designed by my buddy Nick Piatt (@bladedginger on Instagram). I knew he was working for David Sun, but I didn’t know he already had a design in production. I am not a big fan of top/front flippers, but I find this one snappy and about as intuitive as the style can get. Once opened, I love the wharncliffe shape for EDC.

Usual rules apply. You get 5 entries – which are your replies and comments on this post. I draw one at random to determine the winner.
If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I have a chance to approve them. After that you can post at will.

I know I am a couple of knives behind. I have Hocky’s ByondEDC Kibuga sitting beside me, I had temporarily misplaced it in my workshop, but I will get it out on Tuesday. And I have the QSP Penguin, but I forget whom the winner of that was. If you remind me in the comments, that’s great. If not, I will go back and look it up.

Onward and Upward as it were, to this week’s non-themed memes…

More like when I clean out the shower drain.

Who else is hungry?

What would you shame your dog for?

That sounds like a good excuse to me.

Life goals.

No Cromwell lobstertail. I object…

While I am going medieval…

Not really a meme per se, but who wants whiskey, cheese, and an argument?

Trying to picture a sequel to this famous scene, just on the island…

Almost as classic as the Parrot Sketch.

Moving on…

It’s good, but I don’t know if it is the best ever. In fact, there is already a great meme spoofing History Channel’s Giorgio Tsoukalos.

I was never an X Files fan anyway.

He looks cap-tivated.


I’m just out of bubblegum.

God that song is terrible. I claim no responsibility if it earworms you.

the more you know.

If you really taught him well, he’d leave you hogtied in a ditch.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the pile of money you and your son absconded with.

I hate when that happens.

I like when that happens though.

One thing Bookface is good for.

Yes, there are still egg memes too.

That is all for tonight. Have a good one everybody. I will be back next week.