Weekend Open Thread: Don’t Drink and Prime Edition

Howdy folks.

We’re back, both in the sense that Blade Show 2022 is in the rear view mirror, but even more importantly the Weekend Open Thread is back from hiatus as well. It is like we have gone back in time.

Or, if you prefer…

Yeah. The good old days.

So how is everyone doing? I still have a pile of material from Blade Show to get out, but this week was press week for the July issue. I had an article due on top of my Knife News column. And proof the issue when it was formatted. Something had to give and I hit pause on Blade stuff. Hoping to have my comprehensive Blade Show Wrap Up done on Sunday evening.

Since I am already talking about the weekend, I popped over to our Events Calendar, and there is nothing up until July. The Summer Knife Show Lull is upon us.

It would be amazing if I could find a meme that would bridge from that last meme into the one after…

and there it was.

Mercifully, we should be coming to the end of the Johnny Depp meme cycle.

The complete and utter internet pile-on might have been over the line, but she is nuts. On to the next…

Orangutan Pox sounds more terrifying.


This has faded from the news, but this crossed my feed this week.

I took last weekend off from the WOT, which meant that our Gerber Downwind Caper giveaway was held open an extra week. It was a single draw to win, and Stuart B. did just that.  Congrats. I will get that out to you next week. Next up is one I got at Blade Show.

I hadn’t heard of Red Horse Knives, but their booth was at the end of our aisle and I was really taken with their combination cigar cutter/knuckles combo The Condor. The knife is the Hell Razor, and it is carbon fiber handled cleaver/razor style blade. It has a great fidget factor and pretty solid ergonomics. It is a premium knife, with an MSRP over $250, so it is going to be a “Double Token” drawing.

The first time you are drawn you get a “token” and we move on to the next week. First person to be drawn for a second time will be the winner.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve it. You will free to comment at will from that point on.

Housekeeping out of the way, I bring you the rest of the memes, in no particular order, and with no particular theme.

Point beats edge. Spears ftw.

I know the feeling Abe.

That is probably racist now or something. I just thought it was funny.

That is probably sexist too.


Probably the best one from that template I have seen.

Not a good boi…

Or girl. That is my Trixie’s M.O.

That could probably tie into this one…

And a pitcher of Pepsi and some tokens for the Ms. Pac Man.

The internet in its infinite wisdom pointed out the downside of that one. I will leave you to imagine or search for yourself.

Sound advice.

I can taste that picture. Can you? and if so, what does it taste like.

The more you know.

Not listening would be illogical.



I found that funnier than I should have.

I need to quit procrastinating and wrap this thing up.

Have a good one everybody.