Weekend Open Thread: Everywhere there are Signs Edition

Howdy folks.

It was a blur of a week. Kids finished school, and we are getting ready to leave for Pawley’s Island on Sunday. I will still get some work in while I am away, but the news feed might be a little hit or miss at any one point in time.

Topical yet non-political memes were a bit harder to find this week, but at least the gas shortage is over. I called Dogwood Dan Eastland to inquire about the situation around Greenville, and he offered to sell me some trash bags of gas if we are having trouble finding a station.

Those are my two topical memes, the rest are just things I found funny throughout the week. I guess you could call the next one topical, at least in terms of Mark’s post on the Alamo museum “Bowie’s Bowie” being a counterfeit.

If I understand correctly, Mark will be giving a talk at the Alamo this year during their annual Alamo Days? celebration. More info to come.

Speaking of events, just one knife show this weekend:

Tar Heel Cutlery Club Knife Show

And of course Blade Show is coming up. I am looking forward to it now, but will really look forward to it once I get back from South Carolina.

Every parent can relate to that one. But how many of you relate to this:

Also relatable:

And hopefully not relatable:


One day scientists will figure out why this is:

It is true though.

That is all I have for tonight. Have a good weekend everyone.