Weekend Open Thread: Focusing on the important things. (CJRB Giveaway)

Greetings and salutations. I did a fairly good job of maintaining an even keel this week. A couple of crazy hot evening lacrosse practices, a couple of mornings at work, some walks with the kids and the dogs, and doing our best to keep on keeping on. We found out the kids are definitely going to be in school in a couple of weeks. The announcement was made today. They have had mixed emotions, as they have liked sleeping in until 8 and getting iPad breaks. School has friends, but it also has drama. It is good for them, but I understand their apprehension.

I hope y’all had a good week. Hopefully you are staying well.

We are still waiting on the Artisan knives (I know, it is just another thing that feels like groundhog day). I am going to get out in front of the shipment, and give away a CJRB Feldspar which was one of a pair given to us at SHOT Show. I forgot to grab some photos of the blue one we are giving away, but here is a picture of the one I have been testing.

Actually, that is the before shot. I decided to take advantage of the natural G10 scales, and try my hand at a DIY dye job. That is the subject of another post, but here is the end result:

I am beyond thrilled at how it turned out. The knife is pretty great too. The dual caged bearings give it a lightning quick action. I have been really impressed, and this is Artisan’s budget line.

Stuart B. has to sit this one out, since I drew his name for the copy of Military Knives, and I have to admit that I suck and haven’t sent Mark R his copy of the Goins Encyclopedia.

Military Knives: A Reference Book by Trzaska, Silvey, Windrum, et al.

Goins’ Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings (Second Edition) by John and Charlotte Goins

Stuart used to be a regular over at TTAK, it is nice to see him find us here.

In other news, I am sure you have heard by now that they cancelled Blade Show. I am not surprised, and frankly I am a little relieved. As much as it is one of the highlights of my year, I was not anxious to visit Atlanta between the WuFlu and the civil unrest. I will remain safe and happy in Knoxville.

Blade Show 2020 has cancelled

If you haven’t already registered to win the Steve Johnson knife, go ahead and do so. Everyone gets a free entry, and print and digital subscribers get a bonus entry automatically for each one.

Win this Steve Johnson Knife!

That is all I have for tonight. So Open Thread away. Up to 5 comments and replies count as entries.

Be well everyone.


As promised in the comments, here is a picture of my garden:

Feel free to email me a picture of yours, and I will add it to the thread.