Weekend Open Thread: Government Windfall Edition

Howdy Folks. Welcome to the one and only KNIFE Magazine Weekend Open Thread. It is good for what ales you. The Mega Millions meme above has been the topical viral meme of the week. It is everywhere on my feeds. That and variations on this Tiger/John Daly photo…

These two I understand. The Teacher one reminds me of elementary school in the early 80s and the cloud of smoke that would billow forth from the Teacher’s Lounge every time the door opened.

I am not even sure what to make of this one…

Since that one leaves me more or less speechless, lets get on with our Event Calendar update. This weekend there is a show in my neck of the woods…


Since we are talking about the calendar…

I am ready. Kids went back to school today, I am tired of 90s and humid, and lacrosse is about to kick off.

My team left our previous organization (County Rec Dept.) and struck out on our own. We have partnered with a boy’s middle school team with plans for both teams to develop into a formal feeder program for Knoxville Catholic High School. But more than half my girls are public school, though that will change over time, and we will always be open to anyone.  I made our homepage last Saturday.Former KNIFE Magazine Graphic Designer Lisa B. actually designed the logos. She still helps out the magazine on some technical stuff, and remains a good friend.

So yeah. I am ready for fall.

Yeah. Still am.

It isn’t that bad, except your power steering fluid turns to pudding. And it beats this…

Actually the mosquitos are pretty bad in Montana too.

One of the more creative uses of that meme template.

I am trying to imagine intubating a tiger. It isn’t pretty.

That isn’t pretty either.


Too soon?


It is never too soon to do our weekly drawing.  Jason K gets our second swag pile, representing the last of the Blade Show giveaways.

Moving on to the next, we have a Work Sharp MK 2 Sharpener to give away, courtesy of Work Sharp.

They sent us several last year, and we gave one away back then, but there are still a couple on the shelf. It will be a “Token” drawing, meaning that you need to be drawn twice to win. Usual rules apply – up to 5 comments or replies count as your entries, and your first draw wins you a “token”. First person to grab a second token is the winner.

And now, on with our show…

Sounds less gross than an actual White Claw.

Sod off you ghoul.

And don’t call me Shirley.

but that would be redundant.

Speaking of toilet humor…

Ahhh, to be a kid.

Yeah, but…


She doesn’t approve of my purchases either.

And she is not alone…

My family is savage.

This is pretty savage too.


Stick with bagpipes.

Can’t argue with his logic.

The more you know.



Never make fun of the cargo shorts. I won;t let you have any sandwich.

Not actually my wife. More like something my daughter would do.

She is not this bad though.

I’m not going to make it if I don’t head to bed.

Because the work is never done.

Have a good one all…