Weekend Open Thread: Have a Hockey, Hocky, Father’s Day Edition

Gotta admit, it was hard coming up with a title that would capture this Weekend Open Thread, but I did my best.

Really, there aren’t any other Hockey memes, but I liked the lead one and it tied in with last week.

And frankly, most father’s day memes are dumb.

It’ll buff out.

Which leaves Hocky…

Who has been regaling us with tales of his USS Bancroft Reunion, and his knife hunting exploits.

He said to check out the sign. I have read enough submarine history to know that the flusher is one of the more complicated parts of a submarine. Failures have sunk subs.

And of course knives…

I want a Loveless Schrade.

_Very_ soon, you will be able to upload photos to your KNIFEMagazine.com profile, and you will be able to share these publicly. Thanks Hocky, for sharing these. If there is one that I didn’t share that you want to be sure I post, just drop me a note and I will take care of it.

It seems like a bowie knife is a good segue to our Event Calendar…

This isn’t on our calendar, but Mark is there. Left town Wednesday in fact.  Visit ArkansasHeritage.com for more.

If there is anything we are missing, please bring it to my attention and I will be sure to get Mark to add it to the calendar.

But for now, back to the memes…

Not going to eulogize a killer, but today’s conspiracy theorist is tomorrow’s genius.

“May you live in interesting times…”

Schrodinger approves.

Ouch.  Might as well follow it up…

Didn’t even see it coming.

Who wore it better?

Remember kids…

I bet she hated her birthday…

But she probably would have liked to win a knife…

Not a lot of competition for last week’s drawing. Only 11 comments, and Cmeat was drawn.  Congrats, and enjoy to Browning Sage Creek folder.

Next week we will be drawing for a Browning mini-range tool, which is really just a folding utility knife with a couple of gun related features like a choke tube wrench. Nothing fancy, but useful in a toolbox. And since this is at the bottom of the price spectrum, we will throw in a SMKW hat as well.

Usual rules apply, 5 comments or replies count as entries, and if you are new your comments will be held in moderation at first, but will earn double credit when approved.

I don’t know if that says more about me, or the other countries.

Parenting is hard.

So is raising a husband. Or so I am told.

What is it when your wife is watching you?

Indeed. Try some warm water.

Demon’s should just leave me alone.

Anyone else fly lately? It’s been brutal.

It’s Newark, she can have the seat.


It is just a Tribute. (Not all of you will get that one).  This will help…

Jack Black is one talented dude. And in case you missed it, the Devil is Dave Grohl of Fu Fighters.

You are being judged.


If only…

Life goals should be attainable…


Speaking of Vikings…

Toddle Viking Selfies are the cutest use of AI ever.

It does. You should give it a listen.

Just tell ’em about the mosquitoes…

Move to Texas instead.

Leave Tennessee alone.

I admit, that one messed with me.  This one didn’t but made me chuckle.

not funny…

…just sad.

I hate when that happens.

The world needs more heroes like that.

I don’t think that is how it works.


The customer is always right, or something.

Of course you have.

Have a good one everybody. Try to stay out of trouble.

I’m off to bed.