Weekend Open Thread: History Repeating Edition

Howdy Folks. It’s Friday. Again.

Which means it is Weekend Open Thread time. I have been slaving away in the meme-mines, gathering bits of goodness for all the ungrateful cretins in my domain.

Stay Home. Look at memes. Go to bed early.

I wish that were my plan. For better or worse, it is the first home football game for Knoxville Catholic. So I am trying to get this done this afternoon and stick a fork in my workweek. So I can go and wait for my children to be done socializing and come home.

There isn’t really a theme to this week’s memes once again, so I will draw inspiration from today’s musical selection – the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey.

A pretty killer earworm if you ask me.

Still a few random Barbenheimer memes floating about. I just read that Oppenheimer is the highest grossing film of all time to have never been #1 for a single week. Save that one for Trivia Night.

When I first read that I took it as all of the physics stuff was easier than dealing with a woman. When I read it now, you couldn’t get a woman.

Probably because I Rickrolled you. Probably weren’t expecting it this soon were you?

Or my name isn’t Barbarous Brassy Codpiece.

Seems like a good segue to the KNIFE Magazine Events calendar:

Central Kentucky Knife Club Knife Show

Mark might be running up Sunday. I have gone in the past, but I have soured on the pocketknife collecting thing. After being burned multiple times I have lost interest. A pintographed tang stamp and a frankenknife have helped me realize I have better things to do.  Fool me twice…I’m out.

Probably not the tone to take in a thread meant to promote knife shows. But I am not going to lie.

Next weekend:

ABS Mid-America Super Hammer-in Bladesmithing Convention

Southern Tennessee Knife Show

Gateway Area Knife Club Cutlery Fair


Never trust Big Geometry.

Good question.

In my case it is my attack Labrador barking like a Hellhound.

What Cassette tape would they find in yours?

Somehow I could see him trying to recreate this in real life.


He’s asking who will win the next Ocaso.

Getting ready to do our weekly drawing I notice that everyone who commented last week was a token holder. SO someone is about to win the black G10/satin Ocaso Strategy.

In case you missed my review…

Knife Review: Ocaso Knives Strategy

Paying a visit to random.org…Congrats to Cmeat for winning the second knife.

Which means we need a new prize…

I will figure something out.  It will be a Browning. Just not sure which one.  I feel like the one I have here I already gave away.  If I owe you a knife, please drop me an email.

This will be a single drawing prize, so have at it. Up to 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first time commenting, they will be held back until I can approve them. Once I have, you are free to comment at will.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…


Good Boi.

He must be so proud. And full.

He says it like there is something wrong with that.

I think that was the challenge last week on Iron Chef.

And water of course. But that will be $7.

Would have been much cooler.

Give me double guac, or give me death.



Feed him to a Cave Lion.

Being flayed is only slightly more pleasant that doing planks.

A sample conversation between me and my wife.

The “E” stands for “enough”.

Mama will whoop you worse than a goose.

But hog riding trash pandas are to be feared most of all.

I am not sure what this meme means…

That sounds like therapy to me.

Much cooler.

I’ve got nothing.

A one two punch of Greek literature memes.

But lest we be too highbrow…

I’ll be Bach next week. Have a good one everybody.