Weekend Open Thread: Movies, and Music, and TV Oh My!

…Those men were true heroes.

Happy Friday Everyone. Quiet week this week. Press Week was last week, SHOT Show is next week (for Mark, but there will be a lot to share here regardless. Lacrosse practice doesn’t start until the 24th. So I had a chance to catch my breath a little this week.


Not a lot of current event memes right now, and it seems like I found an inordinate number of movie, music, and tv related memes – many of which hit pretty close to home for a child of the 1980s


Warriors…Come out to plaaay…

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats!

An oldie but a goodie.

While I am sharing Star Wars memes…

It has been a while since we have done a “Hocky’s Corner”.  He sent me several photos, relating back to a discussion in last week’s WOT.

Above: Charles Pratt Pocket Fixed Blade
Below:”Dan Warren, MS-ABS, little Bowie. Dan set it up as a neck knife (I have worn it as a necker at knife shows). The knife in sheath is OAL: 5 in.”

Below: “This is the beauty which Steve gave me yesterday for my “69th”. He made it from his “old sawmill blade”. Only the “Maker’s Mark” kept me from being too emotional 😃”

Happy Birthday Hocky.

Congrats to Mark R. I drew his comment from last week for his “Second Token”. That makes him the winner of the Spartan Blades Astor. We have another one to give away, but this week we will take a break for a cool calendar from Allegheny Mountain Knives.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments/replies count as your entries. I will draw a winner next week. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I have the chance to approve them. From that point on you can post at will.

and another musical meme…

I guess the passing of Bob Saget is a current event.

Or as Tim Allen put it…

I will obviously remember him from Full House. But I think his finest moment was at the AA meeting in Half Baked.

Speaking of Full House, how did I miss this?

I am not sure the backstory. But there is a meme about it.

Still don’t know the backstory. Probably because I am Gen X. But no one cares about us.

Last music/TV meme. I promise.

I have a couple of random non-themed memes as well.

Parenting is hard.


I love that one.

Reminds me of Trixie.

I miss normal. But we will never get back to it if we keep tempting fate.

Just don’t do it.

Yes, yes she is.


I don’t know about 66, but I got to 20 without blinking.

That is about all for tonight. Feel free to answer the above in the comments. you can do 3 to a post.

Have a good one folks.