Weekend Open Thread: Say Hello to my Little Friend…

Hey everyone…

The opening meme is not particularly relevant to anything going on at the moment, it just made me laugh. Personally, if I were Benchmade, I would be thrilled that one of my models is what is being put forth as the bar against which others are judged. I imagine that in reality they are. Plus, now you can customize a Bugout in 47k permutations.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

Wednesday is Press Day for the October issue. I only have 3 Knife News pieces to write, so I am not terribly stressed. Otherwise, my testing of the ZT 0235 continues apace. Not bad for a small, non-locking folder. I have been carrying it all week and I really like it.

I hope everyone is safe from disasters, both natural and man-made. Any guesses for what is headed our way in September’s episode of 2020 Survivor?

Thanks to Hocky and Jason for sending in pictures of their 4-legged companions (see last week’s open thread if you don’t understand)

Lou: (Hocky)


Flora (Jason K):

If anyone else wants to share one, send it to me clay(at)knifemagazine.com.

Jason was the winner of his choice of books – Goins Encyclopedia, Trzaska’s Military Knives, or the Standard Knife Collector’s Guide. I don’t have a prize for this week, so I hope you still comment. I am working on replenishing prizes.

I did see one good meme from the current nonsense in Kenosha.

The kid should never have been there in the first place, but I don’t doubt that having been chased down and assaulted he was fearing for his life at the moment he pulled the trigger. Hang the weapons charge on him to teach him a lesson, but there is no way they convict him of murder.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think of Weezer when they hear “Kenosha, Wisconsin”?

That is about all I have for tonight. The NHL cancelled their game tonight, because somehow that has something to do with racial injustice or something. Brilliant strategy last night in particular, I ended up watching His Hairness’s speech instead of hockey.

I am ready for this year to be over…


Be well everyone.