Weekend Open Thread: Slap-Happy Fools Edition

Howdy folks.

Quiet week for the most part. Finally finished my Dicerox review, which had been hanging over my head. My girls dropped 3 games last Saturday, but rallied for a victory on Monday. My daughter kicked butt, even in the losses, but especially in the win.


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This week we have two relatively relevant meme topics, namely the Will Smith slap memes, as well as April Fools.

It isn’t like there is anything else going on in the world right now.


Might have been worth watching.

Always worth watching is our Events Calendar.

This weekend is a big one across the collecting community – 5 shows of note:






Plus, next weekend –

Mark Molnar is a great guy. Been on the knife show circuit longer than I have been using knives. Plus, Toledo. Grab some Tony Packos while you are at it.

Now, do the Carleton.

I was never a big fan, but I never thought he would make himself completely toxic.

Even the Knife Industry is getting into the act.  These are from BladeHQ…

Whaddaya know? I drew Del again. This means he is the winner of the Cold Steel AD15. Kind of ironic that it has an American 2nd Amendment motif, being a Knife Rights edition. Del is a Cannucklehead.

If you are worried about it having trouble with Customs, please let me know if you want me to hold off sending it Del. I can substitute the Dicerox Lagertha from my review this week, since that is much more in the camping niche.

Knife Review: Dicerox Lagertha and Kalina (Updated)

It sucks that people are dumb enough to believe knife bans do anything bu inconvenience the law abiding. If Del doesn’t want to make the swap, the Lagertha will be the next prize up. I know it is “gently” used, but it is an expensive knife, so it will be a two token drawing.

Up to 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries. If you are drawn once you become a “token holder”. Then a second draw wins the knife.

If you are new to the blog you comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After I do, your comments will post at will.

Definitely a swamp gas refraction.

I didn’t really come up with that one myself.  Just changed “tools” to knives with my amazing photoshop skills. The look from my wife is real.

Don’t eat the ground crew.

Good Bois…Keeping us safe from aggressive squirrels.

Dude…I can’t unsee that now.

Sorry Jason…

I’d hate to lose Alaska. Cassius Marcellus Clay negotiated the purchase.

Method acting for the win…


All Hail Cthulemon!


Life goals…

Good book, decent movie, nightmare inducing if you popped the VHS in while babysitting.

Someone might end up needing therapy…

Have a good one everybody.