Weekend Open Thread: Smite Me Edition

I found the above on Instagram, but since it is a signed comic, in this case by Dan Piraro of “Bizarro” fame, here is a link to more of his work.

How is everyone doing? Life is fairly good here. Not much to report actually. We are gearing up for November Press Day in a couple of weeks, so I have been getting Knife News pulled together, and finishing my testing of the ZT0235. David Andersen and I got in a lengthy debate about the double detent system vs. a traditional backspring slipjoint. I concede that it doesn’t hold the blade open as well, but I haven’t had any trouble with the blade closing in use.

I made a new meme for your contemplation and comment:


Would you rather collect one knife pattern in various companies or from various makers, or are you a person who would rather collect various styles from a few select companies or makers?

I would probably fall in the former category, as I have a particular fondness for Canadian Belt Knives. It is an uncommon enough pattern that it isn’t overwhelming. If one wanted to collect 4″ drop point hunters, you’d certainly run out of money before running out of knives to buy. Here are a few of my nicer ones:

Bottom to Top: LT Wright Small Northern Hunter prototype (D2, Saber Ground. Production is full flat AEBL). David Manley camel bone handle. Arno Bernard Canadian Belt/Nessmuk hybrid.

Speaking of showing off knives, a couple of you have asked Hocky to share some of the knives from his collection that he mentions in our comments. If he is willing, and you all encourage him a bit, I would be happy to add a weekly or semi-weekly “Hocky’s Corner” post. Hocky, if you are willing, I can discuss this with you privately, but I thought I would support the idea that others have floated so I am mentioning it publicly. Plus, it is another topic for discussion below.

In other news, Salsa Season is over. We ripped up the tomatoes the other day, though we are still turning out bell and jalapeno peppers at a steady rate. Most of those are going in meals or into the freezer for later. It is Apple Butter Season now B*tches. We have 3 apple trees, but only our Arkansas Black one produces much. We got about a dozen apples off our Granny Smith, none from the Honeycrisp, and the heirloom Arkansas variety gave us the better part of 3 baskets worth.

I made an apple crisp and 9 half-pints of apple butter on Tuesday. It gave me a chance to test the trio of ZTs I have been evaluating. Surprisingly, the 0707 was not as adept at this as I thought it would be. The 0357 performed better than I expected. After being sure I had tested enough to have fairly evaluated each one, I switched to an Opinel 8 to finish the basket. Probably the best apple peeling knife I own.

In the end, the results were delicious.

That is about all I have for now. Please opine on anything I have mentioned here, or start your own conversation topic. It is the Weekend Open Thread. You have earned it.


Editor’s note: I have turned off comments on this post, because the spam bots have latched onto it. If you want to comment, look for a more recent Open thread).