Weekend Open Thread: Snowbound Knoxville Edition

Hey everyone. It’s Friday. Before we get things going, Mark wanted to pass along apologies that there was no one to answer the phones this week. Knoxville is still digging out from the most significant snowfall of at least the last 5 years. Katie, Vince, and I have been unable to even make it into the office. We are doing our best to keep up with emails and voicemails. Mark will be in Vegas next week at SHOT Show, but I will be holding down the fort in the office. We should be back on track soon. So thank you for your patience.

To say that this has been a long week is beyond understatement.

I published last Week’s Open Thread from my hotel in Houston.

I was there to watch the Browns get their tails handed to them. It was an amazing trip.


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I mentioned I was on my way out to a Browns Backers Bar, and it was definitely the place to be. It is also where the scuttlebutt about Saturday’s Browns tailgate in the Orange Lot was shared. Cleveland was well represented. You can even see me in the middle of the crowd.

for those who got bored looking…

In the end, the Browns got hammered, which is about what I expected, Joe Flacco Memes excepted.

But I had a great time, the people in Houston were great, and I regret nothing.


This one doesn’t even crack the Top 10 in my Cleveland sports disappointment.


Flights back to Knoxville were delayed because of weather, but I managed to sneak in ahead of the worst of it. The gentleman who sat next to me at the game happened to also be from Knox, and was supposed to fly out Monday. He just got home yesterday.

For the first time in a couple of years, we got a legitimate 14″ snowfall in Knoxville.

This photo is after I finished the driveway the first time, only to start over.

It was nice for my kids to experience a taste of “normal” from my childhood.

This was a legit snowfall pretty much anywhere I have lived.

The kids have been home from school all week, and while I was able to run a couple of errands yesterday, we got hit by an freezing rain last night, and could well be stuck at home until the beginning of next week.

It isn’t supposed to get back above freezing until Monday.


But we might hit 30 on Sunday…

This was the parking lot at the Kroger yesterday (before last night’s ice storm)…It is inexcusable that it has not been cleared 4 days after the snow.

I know that this is Tennessee and not Ohio, but I just can’t imagine that the economic impact of shutting down the region for a week is less than the cost of more snow removal equipment. But they don’t ask me.

It’s like that.

Or a Hot Pocket.


If the floor is lava, does it cancel out?

Really bad

I’m frequently that person.

Before we get to the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar, a quick thank you to Cmeat and his brethren.

Indeed. Stay safe out there my friend.

Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show)

That’s just for industry folks. But next weekend is the first public show we have listed…

Gator Cutlery Show

Sections 2&3 are going to be random. The weather memes get old, and too much of the news is too political for the WOT.

You will just have to watch it on South Park.

It would be wouldn’t it?

It’s a tender subject.

I’m with the cat.

Nice kitty.


Sorta related…

I am going to need further information…

Google Pastor Yoda as well…



Or you can try augury…

Owls > Cassowary.

Taking a break for our Weekly Drawing…

Congrats Steve T., you were drawn a second time. The Provoke is yours sir. Thank you to CRKT for providing it to us.

Next week’s winner will get their choice of a CRKT Tailbone (Top) or SDN (Bottom). Neither one was a smash hit, but they are single draw giveaways, so back to the usual rules. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, new commenters count double, and if you are new I will need to approve your first batch of comments, so don’t freak out if you don’t see them at first. Good luck everyone.

It’s that time of year again.

Y’all should be nicer to my horse.

It makes you look like an ass.



Also Accurate.

As long as I can bring my dog.

He tried to eat my pet roadrunner.

At least they didn’t “appropriate” it.

The struggle is real.

So is that one.

Be ungovernable.

I am glad I am not the only one.

Middle Ground Grasshopper.

That one made me chuckle audibly.

Sore loser.

Cotter. Definitely Cotter.

He’s eaten too many pik-i-nik baskets.

I hate when that happens.


I heard that John Wayne used to keep part of an iceberg in the freezer of his yacht for that very purpose.

Yes, because the rails are level.

You are almost to the bottom.


That is the truth. If civilian casualties were not a concern, Gaza would be a parking lot.

As I have every open thread since October 7th, I am taking a moment to stand up against the the aggressive and sometimes violent minority who celebrate the cowardly acts of a genocidal terrorist organization.


John Ondrasik from 5 for Fighting is not afraid to take a stand. While it isn’t my favorite song of his, that isn’t the point. The message is powerful, and frankly, will reach many more folks than anything I write.

Their most popular song was “Superman (It’s Not Easy)”, but that is hardly going to liven things up. “100 Years” isn’t quite as bad. And it is a beautiful song.


I promise to have more lively musical selections next week.

It is a good way to waste one’s life.

Have a good one all.