Weekend Open Thread: Taylor Bowl Edition

Hey there Sports Fans, Happy Taylor Bowl Weekend for those who celebrate.

It’s Friday, and time for your weekly meme fix and knife giveaway.

Travis doesn’t stand a chance.

Leave your idea in the comments.

I will obviously be watching, simply because it is the most interesting thing going on on Sunday evening. I am not in either camp when it comes to Taylor Swift. The NFL didn’t rig the games, Baltimore just got beat.

Not the only one watching the game…

It does get a bit tedious though…

I am sure that there is a prop bet  over/under for the number of times the camera will pan to the Chief’s box.

We didn’t have cell phones at sporting events when we were kids.

I don’t know what she is talking about.

Taylor hates Gaia.

It is an impressive accomplishment though.

The struggle is real.

Yeah.  That’s “problematic”.

Checking in on the KNIFE Magazine Event Calendar…

Spring California Custom Knife Show

Nothing next week, and then the “Little Big One”, Blade Show Texas…

Blade Show Texas

There wasn’t much non-political meme wise this week, other than the Super Bowl, so I will move to our musical selection, before I jump in to the non-themed memes.


60 years ago tonight. 22 years before I was born. But the Beatles endure.

This was my favorite meme of the week, by far. I actually did laugh out loud.

Broke my brain.

Also broke my brain, but a good representation of the caption.

I have questions. Better a squirrel than a capybara though…

Level up…

It also has LEDs that spell out “Free Candy”.

Joe Flowers went on a Rampage.

Big problem.

Bigger problem…

Boeing has its issues, but in fairness most planes have similar liabilities.

Wise idea. I wonder if it is learned from experience.

That dog is almost as happy as Heather will be when she learns she won a new knife. I will send the CRKT Kavo along this week. I actually drew Zach first, but since he won last week, I drew again. I drew myself. Obviously, I don’t count. Heather was the third time charm. Congrats.

Next week’s drawing will be for a CRKT Minimalist “Persian”.  As a Minimalist connoisseur, I believe this is the most functional, mostly because it is slightly larger than the “bowie” and wharncliffe (my personal Minimalist of choice).

Usual rules apply…Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and if you are a new commenter, you get double credit. If it is your first time commenting, yours will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After that, you are all set. Good luck everyone.

Birds aren’t real.

Someone will become a legend.

No relation 🙂

My daughter loved that. She is obsessed with some really retro pop culture. She is the ultimate Monkees fangirl, half the reason I got the wuflu vax was so I could take her to see Dolenz and the late Mike Nesmith at the Tennessee Theater.

Also…MASH, Vinyl records, 80s movies, and many other things from before her time.

She babysits now, and that sounds like something one of the girls she sits for would do.

Ripped up bread makes lousy sandwiches. But those won’t be invented for several more centuries.

No. You should not. Cats are a-holes…

Gen X doesn’t care…

We were happy to be forgotten.





Makes sense to me.

Seems legit.

Yeah.  With some stepping on Legos mixed in.


Agreed. So get off my lawn…


This was the second best meme of the week…

Though some might disagree…


I guess we do have to get serious for a quick moment…

We mentioned last week about the extent of UNWRA cooperation with Hamas.

That is a much better question.

Of course our education system has its own problems with Antisemitism.

As I have said each week since October 7th, I feel compelled to use my platform here to push back against the vocal minority of Hamasniks that are assaulting Jewish students, shutting down roadways, and basically making a nuisance of themselves in support of a genocidal terrorist group. I will continue to do so until Israel feels it can declare victory in Gaza.

It is my coping mechanism of choice.

I will play you out with another musical selection. Not my favorite Beatles song, though not my least either. It is however probably the second-most iconic Beatles performance after the Ed Sullivan show.

I will do another night of Beatles some time soon. Let us know your favorites in the comments.

Have a good weekend everybody.