Weekend Open Thread: Treason Day Weekend Edition

Hey Everyone. Sorry I never got a thread out last week, I was playing catch up upon my return home, and was working on other pieces for both online and print.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Independence Day memes are the order of the week.

Unless you live across the pond. Happy Monday .

So I am not planning on taking pictures of my fireworks, but holy cow, I think the price of what I bought today was up 30%. Thanks Brandon.

Well in that case. It is like “strenuously objecting” in court.

Freedom Fries > Liberty Cabbage


I love that they lit the cigarillo before posing him for the picture. We grew up in a better era.

The more you know.

Thug Life chose Tommy Boy.

As opposed to blowing a career of good will in a single moment.

No knife shows this week, but those in the Midwest have one to look forward to next week.

Belleville Knife Expo

Be sure to keep an eye on the Events Calendar for the latest.

As I mentioned, I was in Asheville for the first half of last week. My daughter’s camp roomate’s parent’s got the WuFlu and she had to withdraw from camp. We switched Em to “day camp” which ran from 7:30am-8pm. So she only missed out on dorm life for a week by crashing at the Hampton with me. I spent the 12 hours in between visiting Sport Hansa (importer for Helle, Hults Bruk, and other European brands) on Monday, Fishing at Cataloochee Creek on Tuesday, and visiting Sierra Nevada Brewing with a couple of Fraternity Brothers who live in town on Wednesday.

Sport Hansa


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Our Fraternity chapter at Kenyon closed its doors this year. A victim of 2 years with no Rush activities due to Covid. Don’t get me started on that one.

After dropping off Thing 1 at l at camp on Thursday, I headed on to Greenville to meet up with Dan Eastland, and then drove out to his river property, aka Camp Morning Wood.

“Raise the Black Flag and we’ll pitch a tent for you”

It is also the rally point for our Zombie Apocalypse Team.

I helped Dan get things set up for a gathering of knife friends in a couple of weeks. Cutting firewood, helping Dan side his new shed, eating well around the fire, and spending Friday on a very long kayak fishing trip on the Saluda River.

It didn’t suck.

A couple of other current event-type memes…

It has been a while since we started our Red Horse Hell Razor giveaway. Since it has been two weeks, I drew our first two token holders. Steve T. and David McCarty are both now just a single drawing away from winning.

The first time someone is drawn they get a “token” and we move on to the next week. First person to be drawn for a second time will be the winner.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve it. You will free to comment at will from that point on.

One last topical meme before I get on with the random funnies.

So topical it is Evergreen.

And now for the rest.

Strong indeed.

Is that suitable for work?

Good answer.

Xanax and Pepsi ftw.

If you understand, your joints probably hurt in the morning.

That one too. (I learned to drive on a 3-on-the-tree 1972 Chevy Custom 20)

The world may never know…

(Get it?)

Gross.  But I guess it is better than having the cat stick its butt in your face.

Ugh. Dad jokes.


Speaking of dads…

On the other hand…




Joe Diffie was one of the first celebrity Covid deaths early in 2020. RIP.

RIP Duane Allman as well.

Elvis isn’t dead. He is living in a trailer park outside of Tulsa with Roy Orbison.

I couldn’t really come up with a segue to this one, but it makes me laugh…


If you missed the fine print, it says “angry Penguin noises”.

This is my favorite one though…

That is about it. Have a safe 4th of July everyone.