Weekend Open Thread: Under Pressure Edition

Howdy folks. Anything happen this week?

I am not going to share a lot of memes related to the loss of the 5 folks aboard the submersible, but it was certainly the most notable non-political happening of the week, and certain to spawn some discussions. I really do feel badly for the woman who lost her husband and son most of all.

I am glad that they did not suffer.

(above from the BBC)

The alternative scenario to the implosion that occurred is a nightmare I would not want to contemplate.

Lest I be accused of callousness, I would like to point out that there were more red flags than at a May Day Parade.


I highly suggest reading this twitter thread which highlights the differences between this “craft” and the submersible that James Cameron piloted to the bottom of the Mariana’s Trench.

Click here or on the image to read the very excellent whole thing.

This sums it up though…

“At every possible safety critical decision, OceanGate chose truly impressive levels of wrong.”

Everyone aboard was a consenting adult, and should have understood the risks. All but the youngest member were experienced adventurers in some regard. Other experienced adventurers said “no way”, including Josh Gates of the TV show expedition unknown, who turned down the opportunity due to concerns over the vessel’s safety.

“The host of the popular Discovery show “Expedition Unknown” opted out of a deep-sea dive on OceanGate’s Titan submersible because of what he said was a lack of available safety data.

Josh Gates got his first look at the sub during a test run in 2021, just months before the company began taking passengers down to the Titanic.

“By the end of the trip, I really just came to the conclusion that this wasn’t for me, and I’m not a guy who says no to dangerous things very easily,”

As someone who operated a guide service for more than a decade, and led wilderness trips for the better part of 2, I have little respect for a company and CEO who invested so little in the safety of the clients.

I am more familiar with the world of mountaineering than I am with undersea exploration.  I actually met and spent an afternoon with Goran Kropp , who bicycled from Sweden to Everest and then summited. He died several years later from a fall during a more “routine” climb in Washington state

I do understand what makes people push limits and the boundaries of human achievement.    I don’t feel like this crew was necessarily moving the football much.

Besides, I think this is the funniest meme I saw all week…

As I said, I will only share a couple of them, so as not to belabor the point or to pile on. Thanks to the internet, there is no such thing as “too soon” anymore.

And these open threads are as much about discussing the events behind the memes, and no matter if you find me crass for sharing, the topic is certainly newsworthy and has been a foremost in discussions this week.

So I hope everyone takes these in the spirit in which they are intended – a bit of coping with laughter, and a means to stimulate conversation. Believe me, if my goal had been to be offensive or overly disrespectful, I would have shared several that  I did not.

I have shared that meme before, but it is evergreen. Scores died in a shipweck off of Greece this week, and it didn’t really make the news here in the States. Thousands are dying in Ukraine. I only have so much bandwidth. I say my prayers for them and I hug those close to me. It is all any of us can really do.

But enough of that. How about something light and cute before we get to the Event Calendar…

Still a good boi.

Alright. Moving on to the Event Calendar, and we still don’t have anything until mid July…

ABS New England Hammer-In

For anyone up in New England that is.

Since I am running late because I had to drive to Asheville today to pick Thing 1 up from lacrosse camp, and traffic sucked on the way back, and I spent some time hanging out with her this evening, and because the open took a lot longer to write than I had expected – I am going to tweak the format a little and do the drawing for the Browning Range Tool now before getting back to the memes. Low and behold it is Del.

Since I am on the topic of drawings and the topic of Del for that matter, the Corsi/Johnson Loveless winner was Mitchell S. from New York. Mitchell is a print subscriber and I sent the knife out on Wednesday. I still need to email Del his contact information, but I have been remiss. So I guess I will be reaching out to Del.  Talk to you soon brother.

Next week we will be drawing for the fixed blade Browning Sage Creek (Large):

I liked the small one a bit better, but this is a good general purpose fixed blade with a comfortable handle and robust construction.

Usual rules apply, 5 comments or replies count as entries, and if you are new your comments will be held in moderation at first, but will earn double credit when approved.

And now I will rapid-fire the rest of my weekly meme trawl…

Another good boi.

Is there are verb for when you get Leslie Nielsened?

Relationship goals.

I hate when that happens.

This too…


Also acceptable: “I’m a vegan crossfitter”

When you run over something # (sharp) it is a good way to fix “A,” (A flat)


Speaking of Tesla, who do you have in the upcoming Musk vs. Schmuckerberg fight?

Go home child.

Americans will use anything other than the Metric System.

Well played.

Hadn’t heard that. Lived it. But hadn’t heard.

Wake up Sheeple!

Pacman is good. Hoplophobia is bad.

They had other problems in ancient Greece…

He should have seen it coming.

That is so dumb, but I really did laugh out loud by myself.  I wasn’t sure where it was going.

Much better.

Might as well be an invisible tape measure.

Found a good stash of medieval memes this week.

Well that is about it for tonight. I hope no one was too freaked out that I included lost submersible memes.

Have a good one all…