Weekend Open Thread: Who You Gonna Call? Edition

Hey everybody, its Friday, and life is good. Knoxville is a soggy mess right now, but I will come back to that in a minute. The important thing is who are you going to call? My answer is at the bottom of the post.

Tennessee is pretty short North to South, so there isn’t much variation within the state, exception as a front crosses the state from Memphis to the Tri-Cities. We have had all 4 seasons this week, from 3 degrees Tuesday to the 60s today.

How’s it going Del?

Not much memeable this week that isn’t political in nature, but we try to keep things mostly non-political here.

Can’t we all just get along? At least with everyone but Xichigan fans?

It’s coming.

And Harbaugh is going to skate.

Or so he thinks. Tressel served an NFL suspension when he left OSU for Indianapolis. Tress owned Xichigan.

Go Lions!  There. I said it. It has been registered upon the Universe that I proffered a rooting interest, therefore Detroit is screwed.

Who ‘ya got? I’m rooting for the Sweet Meteor of Death to strike the Ravens/Chiefs game.


Before I move on to Knife Shows, this went viral this week. And it is even better now that O’Brien is having his 15 minutes of fame…

His parents told him he wouldn’t amount to anything. And that he was not sweet or smooth.

Yeah…I wanna go there. Not just a big trade show. Oh, wait…

Knife Show season is back underway. Mark has been at SHOT Show, and I know a few people who will be in Florida this weekend…

For this…

Gator Cutlery Show

There is a week’s break before things kick back off with two more events…

Tactical Knife Invitational Vegas

Spring California Custom Knife Show

Then another weekend off. Then the “Little Big One”

Blade Show Texas

But that means Blade Show Atlanta is that much closer. I am missing my friends.

you know it.


Consider yourself On Notice.

If you don’t I will unleash the puns a second time.

Eeyore is played by Benicio del Toro in this scenario.  That is a wild bit of casting/imagining. Maybe I should have some Honey.

I don’t know why but I have been seeing a lot of the “Trolley Problem” lately.

Better to use it to run over a depressed iguana, who has tied himself to the other track. It is obvious.


We need modern-day Zouavres.

I will get to the weekly knife giveaway in a moment. But that last meme segues somewhat with our musical selection.

Cmeat mentioned the Drive-By Truckers in last week’s comments, so I figured they would work for tonight. I don’t know the band well, but I do recall seeing them on Market Square in Knoxville as part of “Sundown in the City” sometime around 2007 or so.

Mark R is the winner of his choice of a CRKT Tailbone (Top) or SDN (Bottom).

Next week’s winner gets the one he doesn’t choose.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments and replies are your entries, if you are a new commenter, yours count double but will be held in moderation until I approve the first batch. It’s a fair trade.  Good luck everyone.

Gen X took care of itself.

I love my down vest. Bought it at the Patagonia outlet in Dillon, MT at a holiday sale. Half off outlet price. Almost 20 years ago. Wore it shoveling last week.

Some of you will get that.

Follow me for more interior design tips.

I don’t know Margo.


Poor kitty.

Sorry, that just made me laugh. Sorta related…

There is a great South Park bit that refers to the Genetically Superior Five-assed monkey. That Family Guy still  in the meme reminded me.

Be very afraid.

Noooooooooooooo!!!!! (I hate that.  Feel bad for my kid but I had plans today).

It won’t shut up about it either.

OMG, the cat lost!

The mashup that we don’t deserve.

Awww. Not oil changes again.

Well played.

As I mentioned above, we try to keep things mostly non political in these digital pages. That said, one political stance we have taken is supporting Israel in its fight against the genocidal terrorists of Hamas.

Just in case you need a refresher on why Israel is forced to remove Hamas from Gaza.

That is cold blooded murder. Inexcusible in all cases, doubly so when done with genocidal intent. To the extent that there are innocent civilians in Gaza that have been killed, their deaths, while tragic, are the moral responsibility of Hamas.

I wish I did not feel it necessary to include this section each week, but I will continue to do so until Israel feels it can declare their military operation in Gaza complete. Especially when I am appalled at the antisemitism that I am seeing everywhere I look online and in the news.

I know which side I am on. (hint, not the Nazi pedophile)

That is ironic more than funny, but it is an attempt to lighten things back up.


I am not always sure the best way to bring things back around after that section of my post. I look forward to being able to retire it. But I won’t abandon it.

So I will close with another Drive-By Trucker’s tune and a final few memes…


Where the Devil Don’t Stay is actually featured in the show Boardwalk Empire, and Tornadoes is another popular song of theirs.

That is a good question.

The goodest little abyss…

Stare into the Abyss, and the Abyss is the goodest boy.

Checkmate. Onto my verdict on the cover meme…

Kojak and Columbo were cops, so I am not sure why you would want to talk to them, no matter how good they are at finding the real culprit. Rockford was an ex-con Private Investigator, so he’d be a solid choice. Jessica Fletcher writes novels. Frankly, the best course of action is to lawyer up. Perry Mason would be my pick over Matlock. Case closed 🙂

That’s all for tonight folks. Have a great one.