Weekend Open Thread: Witch of November Edition

Hey All,

Happy Veteran’s Day Hocky, and to any other veterans to whom this applies. Thank y’all for your service. It is also the birthday of the USMC according to all the posts on FB, so Happy Birthday to America’s favorite Crayon Eaters.

November 10th is also the anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

There aren’t that many, but more than I imagined when I searched “Edmund Fitzgerald memes”.

That kid is going to lose a lot of lunch money.

He already did.

So obviously you all could guess tonight’s musical feature…


2 months before I was born. Growing up in Cleveland, the story always fascinated me.

Ok, Enough of that. Truth is there really isn’t much memworthy going on at the moment. Except maybe the world is ending.

It doesn’t appear to be actually ending this weekend, so you can take in one of the 4 shows…

Friday Night Blade Affair

Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show

Fall California Custom Knife Show

NCCA Peabody Show


If the world doesn’t end before next weekend, you can head to Nashville…

Nashville Custom Knife Show

It used to be the New York Custom Knife Show, then it had to move to NJ because NYC’s knife laws are so bad. Then NJ stayed closed post-covid, so it was moved to Nashville. It has since been relaunched in New Jersey, if I recall correctly.

While I was working on this this morning, Del sent me a couple of texts. I always find it funny what topics take off in the comments and leads the conversation. Bears have been one of those lately, and motorcycle talk seems to be a recurring theme. Del sent these pictures to me today.

That grizzly is fantastic.  He said his buddy is the airbrush artist and he has featured him in MC magazines in the past. (I did not know that you worked for a MC magazine Del).  He also made this knife for the Kamloops show from Harley chain Damascus…

I know I still have a batch of Hocky pictures to share.  I promise I will get to them by next week.  Hopefully monday.  These past couple of weeks have kicked my butt.

I haven’t heard it yet this year, but I need to do some shopping this week. It is inevitable.

Make it stop.

Using that logic, you would need to wait until March I believe.


Moving on, this relevant to the season. .



The A-Team has apparently fallen on hard times. Maybe they could use a free knife.

Stuart B won last week, but hasn’t told me which of the Rosecraft Blades he wanted.

All but the Physicians are available. Stuart gets first pick, and this week’s winner, Cmeat, gets the second.

Usual rules apply for next week’s drawing.  Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, new commenters get double-credit, and their comments get held in moderation the first time out until I can approve them. Good luck everyone.

History in action…

Too soon?

Of course it is.  About 50 weeks too soon. Halloween was 2 weeks ago.

That warning remains evergreen no matter the time of year.

My dogs this week…

My wife this week…

My daughter was out of school today. About 20% of the student body is sick.

If your school came before or after all the “Saint” schools in Cleveland, you had a long wait if “St. Agnes” was scrolling.

Or you watched the school closings on scroll.

My limited classwork in linguistic anthropology suggests that there is more than a nugget of truth to this.

NPC’s say wut?

It’s all been a lie.

That was my favorite of the week. ^^^

But that is pretty good too.

That is a couple of hundred at least.

It is more than 3…

The world may never know.

Imagine if the parrot sounded like Morgan Freeman…

“Dude…you are never going to believe this…”

Didn’t have a good Dad joke, so I went with a Your Mom joke.

Apropos of nothing at all, it turns out that Your Mom jokes may date back more than 3000 years.

Let us know in the comments.

As I said last week, moving this to the bottom of the post is not an indication that my support for Israel is not waning in the slightest, rather it breaks up the flow of the post. But as we witness mobs  in the street calling for genocide, I will continue to use my voice to call out evil when it so clearly presents itself. I will not be silent.

That cartoon is by famed cartoonist Michael Ramirez and was pulled from the Washington Post, not because it is wrong, but because it was offensive for people who don’t like having a mirror held up in their face. It is the same reason that they tear down the posters of the kidnap victims. The cognitive dissonance is too much for them to handle.

I am not a huge fan of NSC flak John Kirby, but he sums it up best when he said (you can find the clip here)

“We’re one month after this and we ought not forget what happened one month ago. 1,400 people slaughtered in their homes and at a music festival and when Hamas decided to conduct operations, it was with the intent of killing people. You know, I heard this word genocide tossed around about. Hamas actually does have genocidal intentions against the people of Israel. They’d like to see it wiped off the map. They said so on purpose.”

People supporting Hamas bought into a lie, and it makes them angry when they are confronted with this fact. So they lash out in their anger, in the way that so many have over the centuries.

Bridging the subject of Hamas’s lies and humor, because this is a humor post after all, there is this bit of silver lining…

They call him Mr. FAFO (F Around Find Out) and he is the face of “Pallywood”. People began to notice this “crisis actor” showing up repeatedly in Hamas propaganda clips. It has been one of the few bright spots for those following the situation regularly.

HotAir has a hysterical piece on Mr. FAFO, where you can see all he has been up to. Busy guy.

In closing…


How can a people who predate the founding of Islam by more than 1000 years be “colonizers” in their homeland?


(Hint: They can’t, and they aren’t.)

Have a good weekend Everybody.