Weekend Open Thread: With a Distinctive Woodsy Taste

Howdy Everyone,

We have slogged through another week, nothing exciting to support. I am supposed to go to SMKW on Tuesday to check out their new customization shop, which will end up as a print article next month.

I am sitting by a fire in the woodstove in my workshop. My muse isn’t taking me in any specific direction this evening, but my meme trawl yielded a few with a somewhat festive theme. I actually stole the one at the top from Creig M., who is a collector, subscriber, and occasional commenter here on the blog.

Did anyone watch the fight last weekend? My wife and I got married the weekend of the Roy Jones Jr./John Ruiz fight out in Vegas. We went to the fight the next evening. It was a blast.  We used to watch a lot of boxing, in fact it was one of our early favorite Friday Evening activities when we were dating. Cook dinner and watch the fights. I bought her a signed First Edition of AJ Liebling’s The Sweet Science for Christmas one year. That said, I sure wasn’t shelling out the cash to watch Tyson and Jones fight.

For those who don’t get the meme, it was one of the greatest Baesball moments of all time. At least for everyone but the bird.

Life is a matter of timing as they say.

Jason K. is the winner of the Ruana Shirt. I was thinking about him today as my wife and I grabbed some wings and a beer during our annual shopping date-day. I have a feeling things aren’t as open in his neck of the woods. My heart breaks for all of the small businesses that are getting clobbered right now.

I have a Spyderco Shirt to give away this weekend, though I don’t have a picture. I will post one monday.

Have a great weekend folks.